Lunch 4 Lives

Giving or forgoing lunch, coffee, fries, soda can help save a Mother or a Child’s Live in Africa.

Donating the money for such a Cause can go a long way, less than $2 can save a life.

Donate Lunch

Moms Connect

Women connecting for a Meaningful Cause could even be garage sale or babysitting etc.

Get involve because you can relate and be the support for other underprivileged women

Connect & Donate

How We Team Up With Like Minded

Africa NextDoor cultivates strategic partnerships and innovative collaborations with corporations, medical institutions and grassroots organizations that share our vision in providing essential quality healthcare and community awareness for underprivileged women and children in Africa.

We rely on the efforts and expertise of dedicated volunteers from hospitals and medical centers, clinics and individual professionals to help fulfill our continental mission. Our strength and success comes not just from the volunteers themselves, but from the skilled professionals and the organizations that enable us to multiply our resources which impact our work for the benefits of women and children across Africa.

Africa NextDoor’s partnerships with corporations offers philanthropic grants, financial support, marketing assistance, volunteer expertise, field knowledge, donated goods and services to address the dare need for women’s health, maternal issues and the necessary pediatrics care for children.

Our teamwork with various industry leaders enables Africa NextDoor to serve underprivileged women, newborns and children in need of essential healthcare in Africa. We grateful to our partners for their generosity and enormous support for making a lasting life changing difference in the lives of impoverished women, young girls and children.

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