Why such a Meaningful Cause?

Well, let's first share some mind-boggling information with you relating to this Cause. Why the urgency, and our engagement to such a commitment to serve underprivileged women and children in dare need of basic healthcare to survive.

The official statistics from the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reveal a very shocking trend where underprivileged women and children die in circumstances that are preventable today in most countries:

  • Almost three quarters of all newborn deaths occur in South Asia and Africa, 15 of those 20 countries with the highest neonatal mortality are in Africa.
  • In Africa a woman has 1 in 16 chances of dying in pregnancy or childbirth. For instance in Niger the chances are 1 in 7 for women.
  • Almost 4 million newborn deaths each year, an additional 3.2 million babies are stillborn and one third of whom die during labor.
  • Many infants in Africa die at home without receiving any formal medical care and is unrecorded.

Africa NextDoor is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization primarily serving underprivileged women and children in the local communities of Africa with practical cost-effective healthcare services. We focus on providing poverty-stricken children with basic pediatrics care while serving the women with much needed essential healthcare including maternal care.

Learn more about What We’re Doing, how to Get Involve or simply Ways to Give or Support this Meaningful Cause. Thank you for your Donation in helping us save lives by supporting underprivileged women and children across Africa with essential quality health services.

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