Today about 85 percent of maternity deaths and 50 percent of child mortality occur in sub-Saharan Africa. These are not mere statistics but people with faces, one’s family, a daughter, sister, an auntie or a mother that once had a heartbeat just like us.

Nevertheless, 75 percent of maternal and newborn death can be prevented through simple essential solutions. This is how we are approaching it:

  • We are building Community Health Centers to provide underprivileged women and children with free health services.
  • We adequately equip the health centers with the necessary logistics, equipment, medications and skilled staff.
  • Providing scheduled medical care weekly via our Remote Mobile Vehicle Clinics throughout villages, towns, orphanages, disabled women etc.
  • Working within the communities and its leaders to create effective awareness.
  • Partnering with medical institutions and professionals to conduct periodic training.
  • We leverage technology such as Telemedicine to address the severe shortage of medical professionals for our medical volunteers to Televolunteer.

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