Make a difference in Maternal and Newborn

Maternal health is at the core of Africa NextDoor’s mission and efforts to prevent maternal deaths require political and financial commitment. They also require a broad range of likeminded people, organizations and the media need to be involved in the required long-term and targeted efforts.

Let’s team up together to provide activities ranging from:

  • Facilities offering women and children health services especially pregnant women and those in labor whether in villages, towns or any local communities.
  • Skilled care for mothers and newborns before, during and after childbirth, including emergency obstetric care in the impoverish areas and great distances with our Remote Mobile Clinics.
  • Offering young people with the opportunity to make informed choices regarding better lives, marriage and pregnancy.
  • Cutting disability-adjusted life years lost to pregnancy- related illness and premature death by 66 percent.

Let us serve these underprivileged African women and children together. Donate Now

Priviledge 2 Give

It’s about Organizations and Individuals being blessed to give.

It could be just having spare change or your business's passionate support.

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Kids To Kids

Kids can be philanthropists to other underprivileged kids.

You can make a difference with Lemonade stand or Peggy Banks.


Molly's Movement

Today's toilets have gone hi-tech but most underprivileged women in Africa can’t even get breast or cervical cancer screen.

Help fight the terror of cancer today.

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Getting involve can be helping us fund-raise through your school, work or church.

Can we count on your fundraising for this Cause, Donate your proceeds today! 

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