Lunch 4 Lives

Giving or forgoing lunch, coffee, fries, soda can help save a Mother or a Child’s Live in Africa.

Donating the money for such a Cause can go a long way, less than $2 can save a life.

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Moms Connect

Women connecting for a Meaningful Cause could even be garage sale or babysitting etc.

Get involve because you can relate and be the support for other underprivileged women

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When Pregnancy Kills! Unacceptable Maternal Deaths

Every minute a woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth, this adds up to more than 10 million over a generation. Almost all of these women 99 percent live and die in developing countries.

Yet the vast majority of maternal deaths could be prevented. In industrialized or developed countries, deaths owing to pregnancy and childbirth are rare. But in Africa, complications during pregnancy and childbirth remain the most frequent cause of death for women. In some countries the number is increasing. And when women suffer and die, their children suffer and die also.

Let us work towards what it takes to save women’s lives, access to family planning to avoid unintended pregnancies, the privilege to skilled care during delivery, and rapid access to quality emergency obstetric care when required.

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