Maternal health and newborn health are closely linked

Underprivileged African women are far more likely to die during pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards. Most poor families and women live on less than 2 dollars a day, and tend to live further away from healthcare facilities. Tackling the maternal death challenge has a significant benefit towards poverty eradication.

  • The number of maternal deaths is highest in countries where women are least likely to have skilled attendance at delivery.
  • Almost all births in Canada, USA, UK and other developed countries are attended by a skilled health worker but in many African countries its only 34 percent.
  • Women who undergo infibulation, a radical form of female genital mutilation that involves stitching of the external genitalia are at higher risk of complications during and following childbirth.
  • Most maternal deaths occur in Africa and about 70 percent of women have no contact with health personnel following childbirth.

Strategies to reduce maternal death and severe illness or disabilities are investing in women’s health which improves overall maternal health. Are you passionate about this meaningful Cause? Donate Now

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